Go alternative with Greengo

Netherlands based Greengo belong to the pioneers of tobacco alternative products. Their blend of hazel leaf, papaya, mint and eucalyptus has become a popular choice among many of those, who were looking for a tobacco alternative without giving up their favourite habit.

We’ve been working with Greengo since 2007 and this is how it went:

Greengo users are a specific target group, a little bit different from our usual client base, and we had to take that into consideration. The final product was supposed to look both premium and nature-friendly.

Our client came up with a distinctive, natural-looking visual style, which makes Greengo products instantly recognizable and noticeable. They opted for 14gsm Forest Stewardship Council-FSC certified unbleached paper with 5CU porosity, sets with unbleached filters and packaging made from recycled board. Actually, everything we do for Greengo is FSC certified.

Upon client’s request, we have also developed a special towerbox with capacity for 100 booklets, which allows Greengo distributors clear visibility in Point of Sales.

As time went by, we expanded the Greengo product line by introducing:

  • King Size Slim 108 x 44 mm
  • King Size Slim Sets 108 x 44 mm
  • King Size Regular 108 x 53 mm
  • King Size Regular Sets 108 x 53 mm
  • 1 1/4 77×44 mm
  • 1 1/4 Sets 77×44 mm
  • Greengo Short 69×36 mm
  • Greengo Short Sets 69×36 mm
  • Greengo Rolls Single 44 mm
  • Greengo Rolls 53 mm

A new calender roll for Greengo is currently under development. We continue with distribution to several destinations, helping our client to introduce their tobacco alternative to more and more customers every day.