Rediscovering the beauty of Libella

Ever since the renewed Libella was introduced to the public, we’ve been getting a great deal of enthusiastic praises from our customers.

Libella became one of our flagship brands (along with Vážka) in the 30ties. While Vážka gained its popularity mostly at home, Libella was originally meant for export. Born in 1910, she has been with us for over a century, so in 2015 we decided that the time had come for Libella to get a brand new face.

We wanted the new Libella to strike as classy and modern, yet gently luxurious and elegant at the same time. In order to make that happen, we teamed up with our longtime partners from David Geč studio.

The creative team came up with a brand character for Libella – a secretive, mysterious and provocative lady who will lead you towards new experiences. And she led us to new visual style that we have begun to use in 3 ways; point-of-sale display, out-of-home advertising and digital use (new website, social networking sites,…).