Why work with us

We take pride in our capabilities – but what can you gain from them?

1. We produce from our own paper

Select from a wide range of paper specifications or get your own specific paper grade on request.

2. We have our own Research & Development facilities

Receive a fully customized solution – starting from paper production to final package configuration – based on your wishes. Learn about specifics of various options.

3. We are a part of a leading paper group

We are well equipped to find the perfect solution for you. Being a subsidiary of delfort provides us with access to all the necessary resources. We always come up with the best possible product for you.

4. We are flexible

Get the right solution regardless of paper size and product specification. We cooperate with big multi-national corporations as well as with startup businesses. We have a solution for each request.

5. We provide our customers with knowledge and information

Get help from professionals in improving your established business or getting your start up going. Our market experience and knowledge allows us to guide you through all the aspects of roll your own business and recommend the best course to take.

And afterwards, we will always be there for you whenever you need us.